Alight Motion APK 2023 v4.6 (Orignal File) Download Pro Version

Alight Motion APK offers several excellent options to let you customize the in-game videos effectively. Enjoy making amazing videos with your limitless imagination. With beautiful graphics and animations, enjoy excellent and enhanced audio clips and sounds.

Information about Alight Motion For Android

Application NameAlight Motion – Video and Animation Editor
GenreVideo Players and Editors
Developed ByAlight Creative Inc.
Latest Version4.6.194.20267
Requirements6.0 And Above
Last Updated2 Days Ago
Size132 MB

Interested in video making and animation creation? You are at the right spot. Alight Motion APK is the right app for you. With Alight Motion APK 2023, you can create professional motion graphics and videos using your smartphone. The app provides an incredible set of tools that users can edit captured photos and videos. Enjoy unique features that allow you to make motion illustrations and animations.

Lets you dive into the world of professional video clips and animations by enabling convenient editing tools on your smartphones. Get access to fantastic editing tools and stunning visual effects, which can be used to create your videos and animations. Take screenshots or draw directly on your devices and make awesome videos. Download Alight Motion APK’s latest version. You will love the results.

Features of Alight Motion Video Application

Alight Motion is an outstanding and versatile application that helps users make high-quality videos. You can not only edit but also create professional videos with the app. It comes with various valuable features that will help you produce beautiful animations.

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Moving objects is the main skill of the app. It even has many unique uses to apply to the main content of each video. Of course, the resources or templates included will have many elements that users can effectively use in their work. After editing, export the videos in high quality. You can also share the video directly on different social media platforms.

Use the app and enjoy making amazing videos with a range of effects. The game offers many exciting features to the users. If you like to do the editing on your PC, you can also try the Alight Motion APK for PC. Let’s find out about these features.

Color Adjustment

Color adjustment is a significant element of video editing, and the app provides different methods for color adjustment in the app. The easiest way is using the color wheel. The color wheel comprises six different colors: orange, red, green, yellow, purple, and blue. Change the object color of the video by using the color wheel.

Use amazing color corrections and visual effects as you strive to make your illustrations. You can also make the color adjustment by using a color palette. These effects give your video animation a great look. You can also control the viewer in the video by using all these visual effects.

Vector Graphics

Create animated videos using Vector Graphics, Vectors are minimalist and fantastic images that can be animated in this app. You can add 2D or 3D image drafts to your video animation. You can animate vector images in video graphics. Create custom vector images and animate them in a video animation.

Variety of Transition Effects

Transition effects play an essential role in creating animation videos. Alight Motion APK offers you many cool transition effects for your videos. You can also set the duration of any desired transition based on your creativity. The app is planned and designed never to force the user to do anything they don’t want to do. The app developers send updates for adding more content. Download the latest transition effects and enjoy using the app. You can also read about How to do Transitions on Alight Motion.

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Import Editing Materials From The Library

To make video editing more accessible and intuitive, app users can import editing materials from the phone’s internal storage and the online library into Alight Motion. This feature allows you for efficient and exciting editing.

Moreover, to help you create your videos, you can also use a fast export option that provides GIFs and MP4 videos. Download Alight Motion APK and make your favorite animations in standard definition quickly and easily. These materials are accessible on nearly all versions of the Alight Motion APK. You can try using Alight Motion for iOS if you’re a Mac user.

Design Life for Things

Alight Motion offers you different vital resources and systems to design a life for all things. It also comes with live transition effects allowing users to make masterpieces from many exciting or new ideas, including modifying the original work.

The app comes with a capable and comprehensive animation and editor system that gives you several visual effects to use. You can also change whatever you want, which is a fantastic feature to make sure you enjoy creating and editing videos. You can also check Inshot Pro Mod Apk.

Different Photo Frames

A range of photo frames is available in many different colors and designs, giving users plenty of options to find the most suitable frame for their photos. Thanks to this, you will make the image more beautiful and closer to perfection. Also, you can adjust or create your smooth curves making the image unique.

Best Features for Motion Creation

Alight Motion will provide users with an extensive range of tools required for graphic design, especially motion design for all things in different distinct styles. To make the process easier, app developers prepare users for all the possibilities to bring every video to life.

The app also features a custom motion maker, allowing users to change directions or design motions through the touch screen freely. You can also make the surrounding environment or atmosphere move with several built-in functions that have different customizations.

Multiple Visual Effects

Good visual effects give your video a fantastic look and Alight Motion APK brings you built-in visual effects to use in your animation videos. There are thousands of visual effects available, warm colors, spotlights, tint, reflections and shadows, clouds, etc.

Start with cool gradient fill effects and a full-color palette. Use border and shadow effects on your animated elements. More importantly, you can quickly use speed-dependent motion blur to create your animation effects.

Multi-layer Video Editing

For all video editors and animators, Alight Motion provides the ultimate tool for easy and efficient use of the app. Multiple layers are required for editing professional video, and you need to import photos, videos, audio, etc.

With Alight Motion, enjoy access to a multi-layered configuration that provides various layers of video, audio, and graphics. Multi-layer helps you get the job done relatively quickly. It has multiple layers and provides group layers in the app. By grouping the layers correctly, you can easily split the video and edit it.

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Save Your Favorite Items

Alight Motion is one of the best graphic design and illustration apps. It allows you to create amazing graphics and images on your smartphone. Once you are done with creating animations and editing videos with Alight Motion, you can also access its amazing shortcuts.

With Alight Motion Premium APK, Android users can save their favorite in-app items and effects to specific collections for future projects. So, you don’t have to work very hard on the app; just a few changes can give you a fully edited video or animation.

Amazing Tools

Alight Motion brings your imaginary creative world to reality by providing amazing tools for users. The app supports bitmaps and vectors, allowing users to simulate anything they want in their video. Easily add multiple layers of video, graphics, and audio. Users can choose from presets or create their time curves to help animated videos with smoother motion.

Different Aspect Ratios and Resolutions

To create a video with different aspect ratios to share on different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. You must choose the project’s aspect ratio and give the project a name. Choose from aspect ratios options like 16:9, 4:5, 9:16, 4:3, 1:1, and many more. Also, choose the suitable resolution, frame rate, and background type.

Drill Effects and Controls

Adding decorated boards and effects to your videos is a good idea. We assure you that these borders will make your photos brighter and more impressive. You can also use punch effects to make your photos unique and unforgettable apart from borders.

Moreover, you can also enjoy fast blur and instant motions based on fast or slow speed.

Free to Use

Alight Motion is entirely free to use, and you don’t need to pay a single penny to pursue your passion for video editing. The necessary tools and features make your edits more engaging and fun for users. If you are using Alight Motion first you can visit here. We will guide you on How to use Alight Motion?

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Features of Alight Motion Pro Version

The pro version of the application lets you enjoy the app even more with some extra features.

These features are listed as follows.

Blending Modes

Video blending modes help you add multiple layers and adjust layer shape and size. With Alight Motion, enjoy multi-layer with options of a blending mode. These options are used to align layers together. Layer opacity can also be changed, and you can change it as you choose. Also, many presets are available for blending modes in this app. We think this is a great feature and makes this app very flexible and easy to use.

Variety of Typefaces

It contains over 2000 constitutional fonts as text overlays in your videos. You can animate text quickly in many ways by adding text to your motion graphics movies.

With so many font styles to select from, you will quickly be able to create beautiful and engaging text fonts. The square measure dozens of fonts to choose from, but you can also move your text fonts if you want to use them.

No Watermark

In the official version of the app, the Alight app watermark is visible on the exported videos. However, in the pro version, you can export videos without seeing a watermark. This helps users to export animations and artwork without unwanted watermarks automatically so you can use and share your videos easily.

Free Premium Features

The standard version of the Light Motion app has many paid features that you cannot use for free, which means you have to purchase these features. The pro version allows its users to use everything without paying anything.

No Ads

No one likes to get interrupted by annoying ads. But don’t worry, the pro version has no ads in this app. You can use this app and enjoy a smooth experience as this version is ad-free. So you will never see pop-up videos or ads while editing your videos.

Premium Tools Unlocked

The app features different premium tools. In the official version of the app, you need to unlock these tools or spend money to unlock these tools.In pro version, you can use all the paid tools for free without any restrictions to use.

What is the size of the App?

It depends on the version of the App. If you download the New/Latest version of the app, the size will be different. If you download the old version, then the size will be different. Here you can check All versions of Alight Motion APK.

How to Download Alight Motion APK?

Follow These Simple Steps To Enjoy Alight Motion:

  • First Download Alight Motion APK From Our Website.
  • Open The Downloaded APK File.
  • Now your device may ask for unknown sources.
  • Enable Unknown Sources ( Go To Settings => Security => Unknown Sources ).
  • Simply Turn On Unknown Sources.
  • Now Click on the Install button and Alight Motion is now successfully installed on your smartphone. Happy Editing!

User Reviews

This is so good for yt videos editing and on graphics this is amazing but gets out of control even on my first try. That’s annoying but i tried alot. Didn’t worked, Second is that i can’t control Graphics. Dots are moving somewhere else. Maybe because idk how to use it. I just wanted to make templates.Not for graphics or Yt video. THIS is useful for other’s not me not ur fault 🙂 Nice work.

I love this app! There is so many things to do on alright motion ✨ it’s really great! Love the effects, It have many different features. But it’s a bit glitchy, Its a bad ap And yes I’m on Samsung, I bet yours is glitchy too. I know it’s not glitchy all the time. Well, I still love this app! That’s All. Thank you!! I deleted alight motion YEARS ago. But go ahead. Click the download button. No need to be shy or anything. Just click it. I know I said that it’s a bad app, But it’s still good!!!!!!

Everything’s great, but a great add in would be to create a search bar for easier ways to find projects you remember partial of the name of without having to scroll down the many projects people may potentially have. It makes it easier to locate video names and encourages more uses of the change name option.

Alight Motion Rating:

Best Rating5
Worst Rating1
Average Rating4.7
Total Rating Count778036


Alight Motion APK is an app for creating graphics, animations, and visual effects on your Android phone. It is the single best app for creating animations on Android devices. If you are new to editing and creating videos, you can use all the tools easily to create superb drawings and animations. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for mobile users if you are looking for a fast and efficient way to create motion and animation graphics. It is a practical application for creating and editing videos designed for beginners and for personal use. The app can run on most of your mobile devices without any issues. More importantly, it comes with various functional and powerful features to create beautiful animations. So, it will be a great addition to your impressive collection of video editors. Unleash your creativity and show your skills to the world.


Yes, Alight Motion MOD APK is free to download. You can enjoy the app free of cost.

Yes, you can download the app from the Play Store.

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