How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion  (Velocity On Alight Motion Tutorial)

Velocity edits are a feature in Alight Motion, a mobile video editing app that allows users to easily adjust the speed of their video clips and animations. Velocity edits allow users to control the speed of their videos and animations frame-by-frame, allowing for very precise control over the speed of their projects. The velocity edits feature can be used to create slow-motion effects, speed up clips, or create a more dynamic, fast-paced video.

Preparing for the Velocity Edit

Before you get started on the Velocity Edit, here are some tips to help you prepare:

Familiarize Yourself with the Software

Get to know the basics of the Velocity Edit software before you start editing. This includes getting comfortable with all the available tools and understanding how to adjust the various settings.

Animating a gradient (or Multiple Gradients)

Gradients can add a lot of visual interest to an animation. To create a gradient in Alight Motion, you can start by selecting a shape layer and then tap on the ‘Fill’ option in the Color Editor. From there, you can select a gradient type and then adjust the colors and position of each gradient stop. You can also animate the gradient over time by adding keyframes to the gradient stop controls. You can also check out
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Gather Your Resources

Make sure you have all the necessary elements before you begin, such as videos, images, music, and other audio files. You should also make sure to have a backup of all your media, just in case.

Plan Ahead

Before you start, it’s important to have a plan for the edit. This includes deciding on a timeline and structure for the project, as well as what visuals and audio you’ll be using.

Test Your Work

As you’re editing, make sure to check your work regularly to make sure it looks and sounds good. This can help you identify any issues before you move on to the next step.

Take Breaks

Editing can be a long and tedious process, so make sure to take breaks when needed. This can help to keep you focused and prevent you from getting burned out.

Adjusting the Acceleration and Momentum of Objects with Alight Motion

To adjust the acceleration and momentum of objects with light motion, you can use keyframes to set the speed and direction of the object. You can also adjust the gravity and friction settings as well as the mass and inertia of the object to further change the acceleration and momentum. Additionally, the use of forces such as wind, air resistance, and collisions with other objects can also be used to adjust the object’s acceleration and momentum.

Creating and Editing Motion Blur with Alight Motion

Creating motion blur with Alight Motion is a relatively simple process. To begin, select the clip to that you would like to apply the motion blur effect. Then, tap on the Effects tab at the top of the screen. Here you will find the Motion Blur effect. Tap on it to open the Motion Blur settings.

Look at the Bottom

At the bottom of the Motion Blur settings, you will find the Blur Angle and Blur Amount sliders. Adjust these according to the amount of motion blur you would like to create. The Blur Angle will determine the direction of the motion blur, while the Blur Amount will determine the strength of the effect.


Once you are happy with the motion blur, tap the Apply button to apply the effect to the clip. You can also adjust the motion blur effect at any time simply by tapping on the Motion Blur preset and adjusting the sliders.


Editing motion blur with Alight Motion is just as easy as creating it. Simply select the clip with the motion blur effect applied, and tap on the Effects tab. Here, you will find the Motion Blur preset. Tap on it to open the Motion Blur settings, and adjust the Blur Angle and Blur Amount sliders as desired. When you are finished, tap the Apply button to apply the changes.

Using Keyframe Velocity Editing with Alight Motion

Keyframe velocity editing is a powerful tool in Alight Motion that allows you to adjust the speed of your animation over time. This can be a great way to add more life and interest to your animations. To use keyframe velocity editing, first select the keyframe you would like to adjust.

Then, in the timeline view, drag the diamond to the left or right to increase or decrease the speed of the animation at that point. You can also adjust the velocity of multiple keyframes at once by selecting them and dragging the diamond across them. This can be a great way to create smooth transitions between different speeds of motion.

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