Alight Motion vs LumaFusion

Video editing is the process of rearranging, appending, and trimming photos or video clips on a single timeline. There are various ways to edit videos. It requires editing video using the software. There are so many video editing apps. Today, we will discuss two trending video editing apps and their detailed features. These apps are Alight Motion and LumaFusion. We will also tell you which one is better between Alight Motion vs LumaFusion.

Features Comparison (Alight Motion vs LumaFusion)

We will compare features of Alight Motion and LumaFusion. This is something many people asked for.
We Will compare:

  • Effects.
  • Video Editing Experience.
  • Fonts.

LumaFusion for iOS:

Alight Motion For iOS:


Alight Motion

Effects in the animation video give a next-level look to your video. Alight Motion offers you inbuilt Visual Effects to use in motion graphic videos. Some popular visual effects in the Alight Motion app are Hot colour, exposure, colour tone, highlights and shadows, clouds, etc. You can easily use these video effects in your animation.


Animating effects by adding keyframes sounds like an advanced technique. Keyframe effects on LumaFusion are easier to grasp. Almost all of the effects on the app can be animated with keyframes, opening up the possibility for more creative edits. Some significant effects in the LumaFusion app are Layer effects, green screen, luma, chroma keys, blurs, distortion, styles, and colour.


Alight Motion

It’s very easy to edit the videos in the Alight Motion app. A video can be created with different effects like colours, transitions, titles, transitions, keyframes, and other elements. The app’s animation can be used for marketing videos, commercial movies, presentations, websites, advertisements, slideshows, and other creative projects.


LumaFusion allows you to edit video with the enhanced magnetic timeline with insert/overwrite and link/unlink clips. You can easily Cut, copy, and paste in your timeline and between projects. You can edit the display of your preview on an external monitor. Lumifusion provides more innovative features, such as a trackless Magnetic view with the best tools for trimming and splitting videos, making it more impressive. You can split, trim, and edit your fantastic videos with just a few clicks using your mouse and can easily undo anything if you prefer to leave it.


Alight Motion

Alight Motion has cool and attractive fonts already built into this app. There are thousands of beautiful-looking fonts available, but if you want to use your custom text font, you can also add your own font.


LumaFusion has various fonts to choose from when editing and creating titles. You can easily import various fonts for your video from external sources.


LumaFusion is famous for its easy-to-use features, interface, and profitability. It is a wonderful editor. Alight Motion is a great software for everyone. This software is extremely easy to use. It is very intuitive. You can easily learn how to use it. For Example: If you want to add some motion graphics to your video, you can do it in just a few clicks. It’s a very simple software to operate. You won’t need any training to use it.

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LumaFusion is the premier professional video editing and effects app for you. LumaFusion is an awesome video editor for iOS. Alight Motion is a robust video editing solution for every creator. It is professional software that can be used to create motion graphics. It has some unique features which make it easy to animate and edit your video. It’s perfect for anyone interested in creating animations and videos. If you want to create videos for your business, you can use them.

Yes, Alight Motion has been designed for professionals. Therefore, it’s optimized for workflow and workflow management. You can create, edit, and preview your projects in just one place.

LumaFusion, available for iPhone and iPad, is a mobile video editing powerhouse with an intuitive, user-friendly UI/UX. LumaFusion provides a complete video editing experience that can be used anywhere, from cutting a video to exporting directly to YouTube.

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