Alight Motion vs Funimate

After shooting a video from the smartphone, you need to edit it to enhance its quality and make it look fantastic. You can find many editing software apps available for mobile devices. Most of them are designed to do exactly what you need. However, you must read this article if you want a video editor that will do things better than other editing apps. Here in this article, We will discuss the features of Alight Motion vs Funimate. Alight Motion is an app with some cool features. The Alight Motion app lets you capture your photos or videos and quickly convert them to your desired format. While Funimate is a very popular

Recently, the video-player app has attracted many users who love video players worldwide.

Let’s discuss the features of both Alight Motion and Funimate App individually.

Features Comparison (Alight Motion vs Funimate)

Alight Motion vs Funimate is a question many people asked. we will discuss some of the features of both apps.
We Will Discuss:

  • Keyframe Effects
  • Transitions
  • Fonts.

Both apps are really amazing. Some people love Alight Motion and some people love Funimate. It completely depends on the user. Alight Motion is made up for professional video editing and it has many options. Funimate is also a great video editing app and easy to use.

Keyframe Effects

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a very versatile tool for video editing and photo editing. This tool has a unique feature called keyframe effects. These effects can change the colour of the picture or change the brightness and contrast of the image. These effects can be applied to the whole picture, a section, or only to one particular part of the picture. If you want to apply effects like brightness and contrast, you can go to the menu and select the effect that you want to apply.


Funimate app is an amazing app that can help you to edit your videos or pictures. This app has a unique feature called “Grunge filter.” Funimate provides a rich experience with its powerful functions. Funimate allows you to choose from available video effects while creating your style effects. The application has many unique effects for you to choose from, but you can still create your exclusive effects.


Alight Motion

Transition animation is an effective way to connect one scene with another in a video or photo sequence. There are tons of Transition effects that can be used in Alight Motion. You can add music to the transitions if you want. There are different transitions that you can choose. If you want to add a new transition, you can search for it in the menu. You can also add music to the transitions.


Transitions are very useful in creating a nice flow in your movie or photo series. The AI Effects option allows you to change the background of your video and mask it with much cooler effects. The multiple eye-catching effects in the Funimate app allow you to create stunning slideshows and videos.


Alight Motion

Alight Motion app has two thousand plus inbuilt fonts that you can use in your video as the text layers. Add text in the Graphic animation video, and you can easily animate the text in various forms. Multiple fonts are available. You can easily make your video look attractive.


Fonts make the video more meaningful. You can explore the heights of creativity while using the Funimate app. Finite Musical Video Editor helps to add text to a picture or a video in the easiest way.

Final Words

Alight Motion is an effective app for creating animations on android devices. Alight Motion Pro is the world’s first app for motion designing. It also supports Multiple layers for Graphics and motion designing. Still, Funimate is the most fun video editor app for creating awesome music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow-motion videos, and more. Add cool effects, music, text, and emoji to your videos and amaze your friends with your creativity. Funimate instantly transforms an everyday moment into creative and cool videos. It creates unique real-time effects within no time.

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Both apps are amazing and create professional videos. Alight Motion offers you the absolute control to edit a complete animation video. Funimate is the most fun video editor app for creating awesome music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow-motion videos, and more. You can create reverse videos and slow-motion videos using this app.

Alight Motion has some advanced features with more options. Alight Motion is made for professionals but Funimate is easy to use.

Suppose you love to edit videos and want to make High Graphics animation videos on the big screen of your PC or Laptop. You can easily install Alight Motion on PC.

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