Alight Motion vs CapCut

There are a variety of video editing apps available for smartphones, yet there are selective right choices in editing software. When we discuss apps Alight Motion and CapCut, they are both advanced and essential video editors. Features of Alight Motion vs CapCut given below.

It is hard to choose one from the other. In this article, I will define the features of both video editing apps so that their differences and similar elements can be highlighted.

You Can also Download CapCut from Google Play Store.

Features Comparison ( Alight Motion vs CapCut )

Alight Motion Visual Effects

 Visual effects transform your video to the next level. Alight Motion has in-built visual effects to use in your animation. You can change the color of your image by using multiple effects. The color correction option allows you to customize your video clip the way you want on the screen of a smartphone.

CapCut Visual Effects

The advanced collection of special visual effects in CapCut makes it unique among the other video editing apps. It has a split screen and retro effects, giving a smooth video editing experience. Secondly, CapCut is available with the facility of multiple photographs useful for a presentation style in your video

Alight Motion Keyframe Animation

One of the best features of Alight Motion is the keyframe edit option which allows you to edit your video frame by frame. You can conveniently customize the object in any frame you like.

CapCut Keyframe Animation

You can find keyframe animation available in CapCut, just like Alight Motion. You can quickly transfer any object from one position to another using keyframe graphics. Keyframe animation is a trending feature of this day’s video editing apps due to this reason, both apps Alight Motion and Capcut are available with these unique features.

Multiple Layer Graphics Alight Motion

Alight Motion is the ultimate solution for multiple layer editing ability to edit video and audio. There are hundreds of graphic layers, so you can choose any one of them to suit your unique video editing experience.

CapCut Multiple Layer Graphics

You can create an excellent video in endless ways using the CapCut app. This app has several layers that make different grid patterns for your video project.

Alight Motion Fonts

 While editing animated videos, the text is an essential element. This app is available with more than 3000 fonts to beautify your video. You can customize any text style, both in images and videos.

The Alight Motion Pro – version provides various free fonts to create an attractive look for your videos. You can easily “import font” from the Font Library, with multiple font options.

CapCut Fonts

CapCut also provides multiple attractive font styles. Fonts are the secret to an outstanding presentation in a video. There are some popular font styles, such as Typer, Modern, animatic sc, and Singleton. These fonts add uniqueness to attract the target audience through your video.

Wrapping Up

Both the video editing software are professional and tremendously unique in their way. Alight Motion app provides a compatible video editing experience with useful features to enjoy awesome animation of videos. Alight motion video editing app is practical and user-friendly. CapCut is the perfect video editing suite with multiple customization options to best suit your unique video editing experience. This app allows you to create videos with various transitions, fillers, text, audio library, and many other trending video editing elements.

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Both the apps are highly intuitive and excellent video editing apps. It depends on the users to choose which one is more suitable for them.

CapCut is free video editing software if it offers multiple features to edit your video easily.

Yes, you can use Capcut on windows. Due to its multiple ranges of options, users are anxiously looking for its PC version.

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